Award winning landscape design

Somerfield has perfected the art of uniting beautiful parks and recreational areas with stunning landscape design to create a beautiful, prestigious neighbourhood.

This forward-looking approach to Landscape Design is validated by two significant industry awards:

The “Best Commercial Landscape” and the “Feature in the Landscape” titles have been awarded to Somerfield, in the Victorian Landscaping Awards 2012.

In addition, our feature garden has been designed by Wes Fleming – one of the world’s finest landscape designers and part of a team that won Best in Show at the Chelsea Flower Show in London in 2013.

It all adds up to beautiful homes that are set in a stunning environment of tree-lined boulevards and beautiful streetscapes. With almost 20% of land dedicated to open space, every home is within 400 metres of parkland or reserve — another reason to come and see Somerfield for yourself.