Landscaping Works at Somerfield

In the next few weeks we will be commencing remedial landscaping works in Stages 14a, 15, 16, 25-28 focusing on the nature strips.

The works will begin by applying herbicide to all nature strip areas followed by cultivation and preparing of damaged nature strip areas for seeding. The landscapers will be working in line with the weather and hence we will need to provide some flexibility around anticipated completion of work dates (approx one month after commencement).

We ask that residents please do the following;

    • Do not park on nature strips & keep nature strips clear
    • Remove all rubbish and building materials from nature strips
    • Rubbish or other obstructions that are left on nature strips may be removed at the owners expense
    • Where possible please park in driveways rather than on the street to enable clear access for works
    • Ensure that nature strips are properly cared for and maintained (see below & attached information sheet)
    Do not mount the kerb when parking in the street as it damages the grass
    • Once the grass has been installed, water your nature stip regularly over summer

Maintenance of nature strips in front of residences is the responsibility of homeowners once the nature strip is established, or officially, 12 months from when the grass is installed. Prior to this time, nature strips are maintained by the Developer.

PLEASE NOTE: During dry periods, especially in Summer, you must water your nature strip regularly in the early morning or evening to ensure it remains healthy.

Please refer to the information sheet attached here for details on nature strip care.

    • Kikuyu is a warm season grass that is naturally slow growing.
    • Ideal growing conditions are 20 degrees.
    • Kikuyu is a grass that needs an even balance of both sun and water to grow.
    • October and early November are perfect times to install kikuyu because of the balance between both hot and cold weather.
    • Kikuyu traditionally takes a complete season cycle to properly activate and establish.

Please contact Paul Hanson from Plant Management Company on 0421 384 081 if you have any questions.